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Complete Network Solutions that Work for Enterprises of Any Size

Consulting Services

One thing enterprises of any size have in common today is the need to stay connected with customers and each other.  With twenty years of experience, MobilityME can help you meet the growing needs of your business.  The focus of our Global team is to give our clients results-driven solutions which allow you to focus on your core competency.
Results-driven solutions for enterprise mobility

Technology Meets Process

In a world of rapidly and continuously changing technology, it's hard to know what is the best solution for your business. MobilityME seamlessly combines process-driven service with leading TEM technology while working hand in hand with you throughout your entire network solution lifecycle.

Project Management

From design to implementation MobilityME works with you to ensure your entire network is ordered, deployed, installed, and managed with white glove service. We provide a complete managed experience.

•    RFP Development and Management
•    Voice, Data, Cloud, and Mobility Design
•    Vendor Engagement and Selection
•    Pricing and Proposal Management
•    Real Time Help Desk and Lifecycle Management
Project management for mobility RFPs, voice and data networks design, and mobility lifecycle management.

Network Solutions

We are experts at creating a network that works for your business. From voice and data to cloud and mobility services MobilityME ensures your network works for you in an efficient, cost effective way. Connectivity is always changing and MobilityME is on top of it, by staying abreast and knowledgeable of cutting edge technology. We can support your network by:

•    Staying abreast of new technology that can help your business
•    Certified and Trained on all areas of network connectivity 
•    Project management of hybrid solutions
•    Providing TEM and managing your network
•    Help desk 
MobilitME will manage every aspect of your enterprise mobility deployment.

Help and Support

Managing a network is complex, no matter the size.  There are a lot of moving parts, each requiring time and resources; not to mention experience and specialized knowledge.  Rely on MobilityME as your dedicated support for voice, data, cloud, mobility, or any vendor related issues.   

•    Support issue escalation
•    Vendor relationship management
•    Usage plan review and management
•    Billing support and audits
•    Changes to account or devices
•    Help Desk on demand for conflict resolution
MobilityME supports your enterprise mobility hardware, software, and any vendor related issues.

Expense Management

MobilityME’s proprietary expense management portal will help you to stay on top of spending trends, give a consolidated view of your overall spend, and reduce risk. Reduce overspending and complicated billing by relying on our experts to manage the fine details or your network.
Enterprise mobility expense manegement

Corporate Training

Our team of certified trainers are available for your overall business growth. Training is a constant process within an enterprise whether you are repositioning current employees or bringing in new prospects. The staff at MobilityME has experience in training individuals at all levels in fields like: hospitality, customer service, IT, and much more. We can help you get the most out of your people.
Enterprise mobility device management

Policy Management

The cybersecurity threat to corporate networks today is scary. There are many critical points of vulnerability that enterprises need to address and threats they are not even aware of. The way to maximize security is to create and enforce the correct policies for your corporate users.  MobilityME will work with you to manage the most critical areas of the process as well as those specific to your business to reduce your risk profile.
Enterprise mobility security solutions and mobile device policy management


Most IT managers would make data-driven decisions, if they just had the data!  The custom reporting features that MoblityME provides to you will help your business become more efficient in time and money. Our platform allows you to identify, analyze, and address areas of concern.  It can provide custom reports to help you identify actionable trends and to use in making decisions in the future.
Enterprise mobility reporting and analytics